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Upcoming Events

Mr. Campbell's 50th Birthday run to raise money for FL Special Olympics
Date: 9/30/2016, 7 AM 7 PM
Location: Fountain Lake Track
End of 1st 9 Weeks
Date: 10/14/2016, 8 AM 3:30 PM
Parent Teacher Conferences
Date: 10/18/2016, 3:30 PM 6:30 PM
Parent Teacher Conferences
Date: 10/20/2016, 3:30 PM 6:30 PM
No School
Date: 10/24/2016, 8 AM 3:30 PM
Ring Ceremony
Date: 11/18/2016, 11:30 AM 12:30 PM
Location: Auditorium
Thanksgiving Break
Date: 11/21/2016, 8 AM 3:30 PM
Thanksgiving Break
Date: 11/22/2016, 8 AM 3:30 PM
Thanksgiving Break
Date: 11/23/2016, 8 AM 3:30 PM
Thanksgiving Break
Date: 11/24/2016, 8 AM 3:30 PM
Thanksgiving Break
Date: 11/25/2016, 8 AM 3:30 PM
Graduation Supply Orders
Date: 11/29/2016, 10:30 AM 12:30 PM
Location: Safe Room A
Fall Picture Retakes
Date: 12/1/2016, 8:30 AM 11 AM
End of 2nd 9 Weeks
Date: 12/21/2016, 8 AM 3:30 PM
Christmas Break
Date: 12/22/2016, 8 AM 3:30 PM

News and Announcements

Arkansas Department of Education Highlights Fountain Lake Charter High School

The ADE is pleased to share the first video in this series highlighting exceptional and innovative educational programs in the state. This series is designed to inspire and inform educators and the community about the possibilities in education today. The ADE and Arkansas Department of Career Education (ACE) want to work together with the schools to make your school dreams a possibility

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Superintendent's Message

Welcome to Fountain Lake School District and our website. It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve as Superintendent of the Fountain Lake School District. I am very proud of the work we do here and I think the job of educating children is one of the most important jobs in the world. I believe in the extraordinary potential of all our 1,300 + students and we are committed to meeting their individual needs. Our work together requires teamwork, dedication and collaboration. That collaboration extends beyond our school district, staff and students into the entire community. With that in mind, the district recently held a two day strategic planning session to update our vision and mission for the Fountain Lake School District. Our strategic planning team consisted of parents, board members, teachers, non-certified staff and administrators. I am very proud of the work this group accomplished.

Vision Statement
Fountain Lake School District joins with our community to inspire, motivate, and prepare every student to be a confident, productive, knowledgeable, and goal-oriented citizen.

Mission Statement
“Supporting Every Student Every Day for Success”

All future goals and decisions will tie directly back to our vision and mission statements.

Fountain Lake Charter High School will join the Fountain Lake Middle School Digital Prep Academy as a conversion charter school. The conversion charter approach allows us to provide each student with a Personalized Success Plan for a truly individualized learning experience.

Fountain Lake Charter High School will be embedding employability skills into the curriculum and instruction which will allow students to earn college hours and industry certification, or both. In addition to the college preparation, students will experience work-based learning that leads to life-long earning potential, future workforce development and economic benefits.

The Fountain Lake Middle School Digital Prep Academy is in its second year as a fully functioning conversion charter school. Through project based learning and leadership skills, our middle school students are provided with the tools needed for high school, college, and career success. The middle school curriculum continues to grow, offering classes like Design and Modeling; Automation and Robotics; the Science of Technology and Green Architecture, just to name a few.

We continue to realize the foundation to a great education begins in the early years. That is why we, as a district, invest heavily in our Pre-K program. We offer Pre-K to our district patrons at a highly-reduced rate to ensure their attendance and to lay the foundation for a quality education. Our Elementary School was awarded another 21st Century Learning grant that will allow us to continue our FACES (Faculty and Community Enriching Students) after-school program. The FACES program is a very successful program that helps students meet academic goals while enjoying enrichment programs.

A school district is only as strong as its relationships with parents and community. We are fortunate to have a community and a School Board that strongly support the Fountain Lake School District. I know that we may face challenges over the years, but we see those challenges as opportunities. We are willing to accept and embrace them. We may not be perfect and even disagree at times. But know this: our children are always our first and foremost priority.

Please visit our beautiful campus, attend a musical or theatrical performance, or cheer on one of our many athletic teams. We hope to provide you with a reason to be part of our family. Please take time to discover who we are. If you have a question or just want to share comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Darin Beckwith
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