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 Have a Great Summer!   Pre-Registration for 2015-16 School Year will be August 3rd & 4th from 8 A. M - 1 P.M All Grades!  Open House August 13th 5:30 P.M - 7:30 P.M.   First Day Of School August 17th !

Superintendent's Message

Welcome to Fountain Lake School District and our web site. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as Superintendent of the Fountain School District. Our district is committed to bringing out the best in each and every student and recognizes that quality schools are the foundation of a community. I believe in the extraordinary potential of all our more than 1,300 students and we are committed to meeting their individual needs. Our work together requires teamwork, dedication and collaboration. That collaboration extends beyond our school district, staff and students into the entire community.

We have some very exciting things happening at Fountain Lake this year. The Fountain Lake Middle School Digital Prep Academy opened it’s doors this year as a fully functioning Conversion Charter School. We are very excited to offer this learning experience to all of our middle school students. Through project based learning and leadership skills our middle school students will be provided the tools needed for high school, college and career success.

We have submitted our letter of intent to the Arkansas Department of Education to convert our high school to a conversion charter next fall. If the charter is granted we will be embedding employability skills in the high school curriculum and instruction which allow students to earn college hours and industry certification or both. In addition to college preparation, students will experience work-based learning that leads to life-long earning potential, future workforce development and economic benefits.

Last but not least, at our elementary school, we know this is where the foundation is laid that is why this year we focused heavily on our Pre-K program. We know that by looking at our data that students that have gone through a Pre-K program perform better in kindergarten and are less likely to be retained. With these factors in mind we decided to add a section of Pre-K and greatly reduce the tuition for those attending our program. I am proud to say that every spot was filled at pre-registration this year! We look forward to adding a fourth section next year if needed.

A school district is only as strong as it’s relationships with parents and community. We are fortunate to have a community and a School Board that strongly support the Fountain Lake School District. I know that we may face challenges over the years, but we see those challenges as opportunities; willing to accept and embrace them. We may not be perfect and even disagree at times-but know this; our children are always our first and foremost priority.

Please visit our beautiful campus, attend a musical or theatric performance or cheer on one of our many athletic teams. We hope to provide you with a reason to be part of our family. Please take time to discover who we are. If you have a question or just want to share comments please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sharing the journey of the future of our kids!

Darin Beckwith

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