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Superintendent's Message

Welcome to Fountain Lake School District! FLSD is nestled on the outskirts of historical beautiful downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas. We encompass portions of 2 counties, Saline and Garland. The district is situated on one large campus. We currently have a thriving Pre-Kindergarten program that serves a total of 40 students, Elementary (K-4th) has 352, Middle School (5th-8th) has 422 and our High School has 412 enrolled.

Since my tenure, the campus has undergone extensive, major and needed renovations. Aging structures have been updated. New facilities constructed to provide much needed space for our growing student population. We recently added state of the art Science wing to our High School building. We constructed two safe rooms designed to meet FEMA criteria to provide near absolute protection in extreme weather events. Our multipurpose football field and athletic complex rivals some of the best in the state. We continue to keep abreast of the changing needs here on our campus. We are proud of this campus and want it to reflect our standard of excellence in the care and upkeep.

Beyond the changes listed above, we have seen unprecedented growth in student achievement. Almost every indicator shows that our students are performing on the state mandated tests, at or above state averages. Approximately 60% of our graduating seniors go on to a college, university or trade school. These numbers are good, but we are striving to increase them every year. Our programs, such as EAST, BETA club, Debate team, COBRA recoil, CHAMPS and a Builders Club continue to bring recognition to our students at the local, state and national level. We continue to build co-curricular programs along with many clubs and afterschool activities in which they can participate. Our Elementary celebrates our students with the Good Heart award and the Striking Excellence award. They have annual Grandparent’s Breakfast and will have a first ever Father/Daughter dance. The PTO is very supportive of all programs and considered a huge asset here at FLSD.

Today’s graduates must be proficient in core academia, be critical thinkers, problem solvers and effective communicators. These are 21st Century skills that are in demand, no matter what their future holds. We place top priority on raising the bar so students are learning at higher levels and gaining skills to compete in a world that runs on information and demands that they be creative and innovative.

Along those lines, we have some NEW exciting news for our Middle School for the 2014-2015 school year with the recent approval of our conversion charter school – the FOUNTAIN LAKE MIDDLE SCHOOL COBRA DIGITAL PREP ACADEMY. This is something that has been near and dear to my heart and has taken countless man hours given by numerous staff and school board members. What is this and what does it mean? The mission of Fountain Lake Middle School Cobra Digital Prep Academy is to provide our students with knowledge and skills in preparation for High School, College and Career success.

The design of the Fountain Lake Middle School Cobra Digital Prep Academy is based on the following beliefs. All of our students:
* Must be on track for College/Career Readiness by the end of the 8th grade;
* Have an opportunity to earn High School credits in Middle School;
* Experience an exposure to a variety of professions;
* Excel in an area of STEM, Fine Arts or Accelerated Academics;
* Participate in Character Education;
* Demonstrate 21st Century Skills, and;
* Experience extended learning time for Project Based Learning

All of these accomplishments pale in comparison to our greatest asset – our kids. Without a doubt, the one thing that drives each and every staff member and volunteer here at FLSD and the thing we are most proud of would be our kids. FLSD has become a family in every sense of the word and just like you are proud of and desire the best for your children – we are right beside you with the same desires and goals.

A school district is only as strong as its relationships with parents and community. We are fortunate to have a community and a School Board that strongly support Fountain Lake School District. We know that we may face challenges over the years, but we look to those challenges as opportunities; willing to accept and embrace them. We may not be perfect and even disagree at times – but know this; our children are always our first and foremost priority.

Please visit our beautiful campus, attend a musical or theatric performance or cheer on one of our many athletic teams. We hope to provide you with a reason to be a part of our family. Please take time to discover who we are. If you have questions or just want to share comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sharing the journey of the future of our kids!

Darin Beckwith

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